The Triptych with the Miracles of Christ

The triptych from Melbourne is an example of the collaboration between three artists in Brussels, the Master of the Legend of St Catherine, the Master of the Princely Portraits, and Aert van den Bossche. It is thus a major element of this exhibition, which justifies its transfer from Australia.

Different elements demonstrate that the panels were never placed side by side during their execution. The line of the horizon varies in each panel, the scale of the figures does not correspond, nor the perspective. It is probable that each artist worked in isolation on his panel in his studio. Of course, there would have been several preparatory discussions to define the guidelines for the panels. The reason that three artists were involved may have been due to the fact that the commission was an urgent one or that a specific request was made by the artists’ client.

The client himself appears in the front and middle of the Marriage at Cana. Adolphe de Clèves, Lord of Ravenstein, was linked with Philippe le Bon, as the series of portraits of the dukes of Burgundy included in the composition vividly declares.